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Start improving your speed, agility, strength, and conditioning to be an absolute PROBLEM in your sport. Whether if you're a baseball player looking to increase power in your swing, be shifty to have lockdown defense in basketball, or have more strength and power for football, we are here to help. Enter your information below to claim your FREE session along with a complimentary meal plan, grocery list, and a 30 day free trial in our online program!

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Dominate The Game

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Complete Athlete is a program fully dedicated to helping athletes from all sports become the complete version of themselves. We use Strength & Conditioning methods to enhance an athletes speed, strength, explosiveness, agility, etc, all while personalizing each training program to your sport, position, goals, and needs. Our mission is to help you reach your fullest potential so you can dominate the field, court, ring, etc.

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Speed is one of the most important skills in sports today. There are many components to unfold in speed whether if it's proper force production or eliminating improper movement patterns which can hinder speed. We help each athlete address acceleration and top end speed, to help you steal more bases, break away from defenders, or decrease your 40 time.

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Enhancing Athletic Performance

David Delgado is the Founder and Sports Performance Coach for Complete Athlete. His desire to help athletes become stronger, faster, and more explosive began when he was just 17 years old. He started to train local athletes in a variety of different sports with the same goal he has til this day, improve an athletes physical abilities through strength and conditioning with the goal to become a Complete Athlete. David was a part of the 2020 spring internship at Mamba Sports Academy where he worked with athletes in different populations including: NFL combine prep, NFL Off Season, Firefighter Academy Prep, Jiu Jitsu, professional baseball and basketball, high school football, and youth athletes in a private and team setting. David Delgado serves as the Director of Personal Training at Lead The Way Fitness. His main role is to oversee all personal trainers and interns within the company and lead the coaching education program, so coaches continue to present excellent service and deliver a systematic training program. 

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Hear What Others Have to Say

David is an amazing performance coach! I played College basketball & 3 years professionally overseas and I can say Dave is the best performance coach I've came across! The attention to detail, the science he puts behind his workouts are top notch! If you want to be a complete athlete and be able to perform your best, you need Dave on your team. One of the best around!

Justin Alfonso

Best trainer hands down! Extremely professional and just incredible all around! Extremely dedicated to help you reach your fitness and health goals! Works around the clock to motivate and push you every step of the way!

Christian Torres

Training with David was an absolute joy! David made me feel comfortable yet pushed me at the same time. David always listened to my goals and was just as dedicated to them as I was. Never once did I feel insecure with David. I valued his input, lessons and his ability to push me when I wanted to quit! With David you will be fortunate enough to gain not only a coach but a friend!

Jennifer Johnson

David is a very informative trainer! All my workouts have been an overall learning experience I look forward to the next workout session!

Josh Moreno

David is extremely knowledgeable and well educated in Athletic Training. His warm ups are thorough ensuring you are protected and not injured during your workout. During your session it is easy to see the dedication that David puts into you, keeping a constant eye on your form and making proper adjustments to your skill level so that you receive the highest quality workout. It is refreshing to have a personal trainer with an evolving program.

Stacy Zilius

David is truly one of the best out there! I was coming off a baseball injury and he knew exactly what I can do to help me come back stronger and better. He pushed me like no other because that's what he's about. He wants the best of people and helps you see that for yourself. He always checks up on his clients and makes sure they're feeling great and just shows that he's not just a trainer but a friend as well. Thank you David.

Ivan Ortega

"Best program hands down!!! I've been playing football for 4 years and I've never had someone care so much. Not only did coach make sure I had great form he showed me how to gain agility and endurance. How to lift properly. Coach David rocks!!"

Devon S.

Complete Athlete Sports Performance has been some of the best athletic training i've been able to get. David is very consistent and no matter the weather; we always get the work done. If nothing else, consistency and staying in contact with your trainer is by far the most important part, and i think that David builds these relationships well. He always stays in contact with the athletes and checks up and checks in. All in all, quality, consistent, and productive training can be insured with Complete Athlete Sports Performance.

Bradley Starnes

Training with David has been the best decision I've made with my health and training! He has soooo much knowledge under his belt and his passion is just as equivalent. He lives and breaths health and when you start training with him you end up doing the same! Every exercise we do he thoroughly goes through and helps through the entire workout to ensure you're getting the most (and safest!) work out possible. You come in feeling the high energy and leave pouring sweat, but feeling so good! Definitely the trainer you want to have! The results are life changing!

Amber Fait

David is exceptional with his training. He is detail-oriented, patient and very encouraging. There are days where I did not feel like getting up to workout but David consistently pushes me to limits I didn't think I could reach. He is helpful in & out of the gym and a very genuine person in general. I'm thankful to have him as my trainer & can't wait to see how far I can push myself with the help of David!

Giorgio Monga

Such a great, clean and big facility. I love it. And an even better trainer in David. David keeps me motivated during his sessions. His workouts have showed me a lot, and are teaching me a lot in why I want with my health goals. Me and another family friend are lucky enough to have David as our trainer and we couldn't be any happier. We look forward to his sessions every week, A great trainer and a great facility. Highly recommended if you want your health goals accomplished.

Chris Ramirez

I trained with David for 6 months. I was a very satisfied client. He is very professional, knowledgeable, empathetic and always had a great attitude. He knew what a was capable of achieving and always believed in me. He pushed me when I needed to be pushed and he knew the appropriate time to back off. My strength increased immensely while training with him. I recommend Coach David to anyone who is serious about getting in shape!

Adrianna Casanta

I always look forward to my training sessions with David he really takes the time to get to know you and your fitness goals. I have worked with other trainers before and he has been best in motivating me and helping me reach my fitness goals.

Tamilyn Kaminsky

David made me feel very comfortable. He's very professional and he pushes me to want to do more. I recommend David to all my family and friends. Overall David is a genuine person.

Michelle Garrett

Extremely knowledgeable and I highly recommend.

Cristy Poindexter

David is great! He has helped me gain muscle and trim down as needed. I would recommend him and his training to everyone!

JB Little

David is amazing! He has quickly become part of our family (both my husband and I are training with him). He is knowledgeable and great with modifications after my having knee surgery. I feel better today and stronger

Libby Little

---> LOOK NO FURTHER otherwise you will be WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY!! WoW! WoW! WoW! David Delgado is an A-MAZING COACH, and Personal Trainer! I made a conscious decision and shifted my mindset and focus to self care. As a 41 year old mother, I was so sick of feeling FAT and UNCOMFORTABLE in my own skin. I was ready to feel better about myself. I hired David as my PT to assist in achieving my goals! Over the course of 7 months, I lost in total 15 lbs., GAINED 5 lbs. of MUSCLE and LOST 7% of BODY FAT! Talk about RESULTS! 
Don't let his age fool you either. He is professional and wise beyond his years! Not only does he have a solid base of knowledge, he is highly motivating, engaging and personable! If you're serious about getting stronger, BURNING FAT, LOSING WEIGHT, GAINING MUSCLE or just leveling up your fitness game, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND DAVID DELGADO! Do not hesitate. The time is NOW, if not NOW, WHEN!? There is no better investment than investing in your overall health, HAPPINESS and wellness. PRICELESS. #completeathlete #_daviddelgado

Alex Keck

Very motivating and professional has a good attitude. Always helps me push myself to make me better.

Ezra Trujillo

David is definitely a top notch professional. Definitely set the standard for any future trainers for me. Always professional and constantly changing up my workout routine was a plus for me. I will absolutely be recommending David to anyone who is in need of some coaching when it comes to training and getting more active in their lives.

David Medina

Coach is very attentive. He made sure every drill and every workout did not cause any injuries. He also went beyond by making a personal nutrition list to help gain a healthy weight. He helped build confidence. Best coach I have met hands down. he shows that he cares. Thank you coach David!

Donovan Nash

David is Amazing!! Which is why I asked him to work with my son for Quarterback/football performance training. David is knowledgeable, professional, tough, and kind. If you are looking for results you need to get ready, I highly recommend David and Complete Athlete Sports Performance!! My son and I both trained with David and he is top tier Five Star all the way!!

Christa Slovick

I've been a client of David's for quite some time now. If I did not trust him, I wouldn't have stuck with him as long as I have. I typically train with Coach David 1-2 times per week. The rest of the time, I perform the online workouts on my own. I find the online workouts to be very informative and effective. He customizes the workouts to my fitness level, and adjusts accordingly. If I have any questions, he is available to help me. I highly recommend Coach David's training services, as he has helped me reach my fitness goals!

Adrianna Casanta

I always have a killer workout with David. He's very structured and knows what he's doing as soon as we get there. Great workouts, great environment I'd recommend him to everyone.

Jason Villa

David has been wonderful trainer for our son. Our son is athletic but due to some leg issues when he was young had trouble with his running form. David is knowledgeable of the mechanics of running and agility and his ability to connect with our son has been amazing. We have seen a great improvement in our sons speed and agility in just a short period of time. We would highly recommend David to anyone!

Micki Hurtado

My experience with David has been amazing I’ve really felt like I get the most out of the workouts and the atmosphere is just amazing, he’s an amazing guy and an amazing trainer and is definitely worth checking out"

Tristan Harvey

My Son has been training with David now for 6 month and it has been a great journey. David cares and personalizes his program to every athlete. He works close with his athletes to detail and fine tune the drills. He is very professional and very knowledgeable , takes his time and creates a great environment for my boy to feel comfortable and push to certain limits! I am very happy we found Complete Athlete Sports

Sonja Harvey

Very knowledgeable trainer, I specifically love the attention to detail and form correction. Highly recommend to anyone looking for serious results!

Thalia Kumpe

David is such an amazing trainer! He is very knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. You can tell this is his passion... His commitment and motivation to being a trainer is unmatched. He always pushes you to do better and sees more potential in you, than you see in yourself sometimes! If I'm being honest, I'm not sure you will find this anywhere else! If you choose David as your trainer, you won't regret it!

Megan Thompson

I meet David a few years ago as he was coaching me. He is an excellent coach, very knowledgeable, encouraging, and focuses in the areas you like to improve. He is motivated enough to keep all clients interested in improving. I highly recommend David Delgado strength, and conditioning to all athletes or active sports people of any age who are seeking to improve strength, and fitness level

Leonora G Monarez

As a former athlete coming back to the gym working out I didn't think I needed help getting back into the swing of things. I always thought my self determination was strong enough to get where I wanted to be. My initial thoughts when my brother first introduced me to Complete Athlete Sports Performance was I've probably already have done everything that they have to offer me but little did I know I was totally surprised and exhausted from the different types of exercises and techniques I've learned along the way. I wanted my weight up with balance and stability improved and David made my workouts structured to fit my goals. I've progressed so much and I'm really grateful for the experience, knowledge, and mentorship. I highly recommend anyone if you need any athletic self growth in enhancing your performance.

Christian Bowers

David has been amazing when working with my 14u travel softball team! The way he breaks everything down step by step to the girls has really impacted the way that they approach their running mechanics now. The team has enjoyed every session with him, regardless if it was conditioning or speed/agility training. Definitely recommend David for any individual who is looking to up their skill in their sport. Thank you again David for the amazing work and versatility that you bring to the table with our team!

Rebecca Barber

David was my coach for more than 2 years. He was always very professional and concerned about helping me achieve my goals. He always made time to talk to me with about any questions or concerns I may have had.

Shannon Lawson

Coach/trainer David is the most professional trainer I have worked with. Knows what he is doing and how to train in a safe, challenging and effective way. He loves what he does and loves to teach others

Jeannie Dayton

David is an excellent coach! He truly knows his craft and is very encouraging

Darla C.

Coach David is great at what he does. He takes pride on his coaching and he cares for his clients. He encourage me to always give my best,never give up. He always has motivating words and I know he care about my goals and always has been there for me.

Victoria Valdez

I started my strength and weight loss journey Jan2020 its has been the best experience, I couldnt of asked for a better leadership... David was part of my first group of trainers he owns the floor. It began with us with any injuries or concerns or any modifications needed during our workout... His passion with training and coaching has taken me to levels of strength and conditioning that I never imagined David stood for me as I fought for my life my health there was no cheating myself I have had the honor of watching him coach one on one to small group and a class of 20... He is your skilled gym in 1 person... I appreciate the work and time he dedicated for me and is truly missed... There is a world of opportunities waiting for skills... Thank u

Leticia C.


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